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Jordan Logue

Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Musician

Making music is your passion. It's your life-blood. It's the first thing you think about when you wake up, and the last thing you think about before you fall asleep. I know this because it's my passion too.

When choosing to invest time and money in someone to contribute to the creation of your songs, to help breathe life into your musical ideas, and to capture them to show the world, you need someone with the knowledge and skill set to make that process as fruitful as possible.

Through years of experience as a musician, engineer, producer, and music-lover, I've learned that it takes passion, grit, and time to "make it" in the modern music industry. In light of that sentiment, I've spent countless hours developing my craft, and my favorite thing in the world is sharing that with fellow music creators.

-Jordan Logue

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Below you can find a variety of tracks I've worked on in several different capacities. The letters in parenthesis behind the titles denotes the roles I played in the production of the song.


T=Tracking Engineer

M=Mixing Engineer

MS=Mastering Engineer

PGM=Programmed Drums and/or Other Instrumentation

AI= All Instrumentation Played or Programmed by Me 




BV=Backing Vocalist

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Interested in learning more about my professional music production services? Drop me a line.


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