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Music Production

Working with artists to take a song from an idea to a full musical production is what I do. As a producer, it's my job to help artists realize their music by facilitating the creative process. I help you make musical, technical, and financial decisions to end up with the best recording possible. That means I wear a lot of different hats so you can focus on being an artist, and I take great pride in that.


The foundation of a recording is the tracking process. This is where the sonic character and quality of a record is defined. As a recording engineer I track in studios all over Nashville and the surrounding areas (Ocean Way Nashville Studio B pictured) including my personal studio near Nashville's Music Row, to accommodate any vibe and budget. I track my own productions, and I'm always happy to engineer for other producers as well.



Mixing is arguably the most important part of the recording process, from a technical standpoint. Personally it's my favorite part of the process to work on. I've spent years honing my ears and many different techniques to create exciting, dynamic, and creative mixes to elevate productions to new heights. I usually mix my own productions, and I'm available to mix tracks you've recorded elsewhere as well.


As a multi-instrumentalist as well as a producer and engineer, I have the skill set to record various instruments to use in your own productions, or to make "full band" recordings without the need to hire a full band. This is one of my favorite things to do. For example, you could send me a phone recording of a song just as an acoustic guitar and vocal and I can create a radio-quality track from my studio. This can be done remotely or in person. If there's any instrumentation I can't provide myself, I know someone who can!

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